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What is CardWorks?

CardWorks is a very sophisticated and comprehensive Gift Card / Loyalty Card software package that will
allow you to completely and accurately control all aspects of your Gift Card / Loyalty Card program
without paying TRANSACTION FEES EVER!!!!

CardWorks is a alternative to a transaction based Gift Card and Loyalty Systems available from Credit Card Service organizations and the Big Banks.

CardWorks is unique in the fact that there are never any transaction fees with our system.
You pay for it once and you own it.

CardWorks is also unique by the fact that we offer custom designed Gift Cards no matter the quantity ordered.
You can order 100 or 100,000 Gift Cards and we will provide them personalized to your business.

CardWorks runs on your PC, other than a simple magnetic stripe reader there is no extra hardware to buy or lease.
CardWorks will run on your POS system without conflicts.

Why Choose CardWorks?

  • Operates on a standard Windows PC
  • You own the data, software and database
  • Large PC Screen Display
  • Easy to Read Comprehensive Reports
  • Use your own printer for comprehensive reporting
  • It's Simple to Use
  • We Provide Custom Printed Plastic Cards not “Generic Cards"


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