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Unique Gift Card Applications

Sales Promotion:

Two customers have used the “Bulk Value” feature in CardWorks and issued 1,000 cards with a value of $10 each. They sent these cards to existing customers on their mailing lists who have not returned to their store in the past year. There are no conditions to the $10 card other than the fact that it must be spent in their store within 30 days of receipt. Their reasoning is was follows:

  • Old customers will likely return to their store to spend the $10 rather than go to a competitor.
  • They will likely spend in excess of the $10 thus providing a return on their investment.
  • The cost of the promotion to those who do not return is simply the cost of the Gift Card stock.

Both CardWorks customers saw a significant increase in sales volume in the month that the promotion was run.

Service Promotion:

An automotive dealership also used the “Bulk Value” feature within CardWorks and sent Gift Cards to all of their customers who had not been back to the dealership for service on their vehicle in the last 12 months. The offer was that the card would give a $50 discount on any service invoice over $250 in the month of the promotion.

The dealership service revenue increased 22% for the month of the promotion.

Restaurant Promotion:

A restaurant who is a CardWorks user promotes their restaurant in a unique manner. They will give Gift Cards valued at $10 and valid for 30 days to any customers celebrating an event. Typical events are wedding anniversaries, birthdays, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day.
The restaurant has enjoyed a significant increase in customers and revenue particularly after a nationally recognized event.

Tax Savings:

(N.B. this application may only be viable in Canada, however, please check your local tax rules).
In Canada tax laws stipulate that businesses may only write off against their taxes 50% of the cost of a meal when entertaining clients. The employees meal is not deductible. However if the business purchases a Gift Card from the establishment and presents it to the customer and allows the customer to pay the tab with the Gift Card, then the Gift Card is considered a promotional item and is 100% tax deductible.

The Versitile Plastic Card

Card programs that promote your products and services. They identify your cusomers, recognize customer loyalty, motivate sales and reward return customers.

  • business card
  • identification card
  • corporate rewards card / points card
  • customer appreciation / loyalty card
  • discount card / special promotion card
  • frequent diner
  • gift card
  • membership card
  • service program card
  • data card
  • grocery store card / big box store card
  • frequent shopper / shopping rewards card
  • health card / hospital card / medical card
  • hotel keycard / security card
  • library card
  • phone card
  • retail gift card
  • beauty salon / spa services gift card
  • vacation package gift card / tourism card / travel card
  • movie rental card / video game rental card / frequent movie watcher card

and many more applications.


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